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Evidence-based support for healthcare commissioning

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Bazian specialises in applying clinical evidence to help optimise health within limited healthcare budgets. By using clinically credible, evidence-based approaches, supported by an implementation team including experienced medical doctors, health research analysts, information specialists, and public health experts, we ensure that decisions to invest and disinvest are robust, transparent, defensible and gain the buy-in of all stakeholders, including managers, clinicians and patients. Being clinician-led and evidence-based means that our analyses can be trusted to be scientifically credible, relevant and targeted to deliver better, more cost effective care.

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Putting evidence into practice

How to use evidence-based healthcare

Bazian Commissioning Brochure

How Bazian supports commissioning in the NHS and beyond


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Bazian presents a poster on the quality of reporting in systematic reviews

Bazian Information Specialist Elly O'Brien looks at compliance with PRISMA standards in journals that endorse the guidelines. >>

EIU breakfast events in August and September

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Behind The Headlines
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"Bazian demonstrate on a daily basis their ability to produce high-quality scientific appraisals" >>

"Bazian's focus on the evidence, the quality of their processes, and the personal commitment of individual members of their team have been invaluable" >>

"Their reliability and consistency are matched with a flexibility to cope with any ad hoc demands necessary" >>

"Bazian produced high quality reports within very tight time constraints and summarised their findings in a clear and concise manner" >>