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Case study: NHS Choices - Behind the Headlines

Good writing using plain English is central to all of our products. In fact, Bazian emerged from the world of scientific publishing and medical writing; Bazian’s founders met while developing the landmark publication Clinical Evidence at the BMJ. Critical appraisal is also central to all of our work, including systematic reviews, health technology assessments and care pathways. Pairing our ability to communicate complicated ideas in plain English with our experience and expertise in critical appraisal can create a wide range of high quality outputs.

For example, Bazian provide rapid evidence-based critiques of healthcare stories in the daily media for the Behind the Headlines service of NHS Choices, in which it is key that our summaries are not only accurate descriptions of the scientific research behind the news story, but are also understandable to a lay audience. Behind the Headlines is one of the most visited parts of NHS Choices and won the BMJ Group Awards for Best Innovation in Medical Communication.

We can also write for readers in very specialist fields. For example, we are the content and managing editors for the BMJ journals Evidence-Based Mental Health, Evidence-Based Medicine and Evidence-Based Nursing, and as part of this role we write the abstracts for Evidence-Based Mental Health. These abstracts are succinct summaries of the latest research in mental health, and are essential reading for all medical professionals working in the field of mental health.

All in all, we are proud of our ability to not only write well, but to write well for a variety of audiences. 


"Bazian demonstrate on a daily basis their ability to produce high-quality scientific appraisals for our news service within the extremely tight deadlines that are required of them. Their reliability and consistency are matched with a flexibility to cope with any ad hoc demands necessary for the service."
Paul Nuki, Chief Editor, NHS Choices