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A new Evidence Update published

March 14th 2012

Today our colleagues at NICE have published a new Evidence Update on Neonatal jaundice, jointly produced by NICE and Bazian. Evidence Updates provide “a regular, often annual, summary of selected new evidence published since the literature search was last conducted for the accredited guidance they update”.

Evidence Updates are an evidence awareness tool relating to NICE guidance. This EU relates to the NICE guideline “Neonatal jaundice” (CG98). Bazian scopes the Evidence Updates, carries out systematic searches for new evidence and then critically appraises the evidence, for the experts within the Evidence Update Advisory Group (EUAG) to write commentaries on.

The Evidence Update on Neonatal jaundice found that there was potential for change in practice based on the evidence around effectiveness of albumin infusion before exchange transfusion (versus exchange transfusion alone) in lowering total serum bilirubin levels. Otherwise no other areas for practice change were identified based on the included evidence.