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Alzheimer’s in the news

August 18th 2011

Our latest collaborative report with NHS Choices focuses on how Alzheimer’s has been reported in the mainstream media in the last four years to assess whether the headlines were justified.

Around 465,000 people in the UK have Alzheimer’s and an Alzheimer’s Research UK survey found that 31% of people feared dementia more than death or cancer. Since 2007 over a hundred news stories about dementia (two-thirds of which related to Alzheimer’s) have been analysed by Bazian for Behind the Headlines

The report Alzheimer’s in the news: fear and fascination looks at causes and risk factors, prevention and potential treatments for Alzheimer’s. It provides information about some individual studies and how they were reported, with the aim of helping readers to make more informed judgments about how to interpret future news reports. There is also a look to the future, covering emerging treatments, their potential impact and possible timelines. 

For detailed information about Dementia, please see the NHS Choices Health A-Z page on Dementia.

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