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Bazian co-founder blogging for BMJ

August 4th 2008

Our much loved and much missed co-founder Anna Donald, who recently returned to Australia to continue her battle with cancer, has started a blog for the British Medical Journal called "From The Other Side".

If her columns for the Health Services Journal (HSJ) are anything to go by, there will be lots of interesting stuff for those working in and around healthcare to read.

Here's a taste: "I am slowly adjusting to the art of living one day at a time. Not my usual style to put it mildly. My prognosis is dismal, but I’ve come across sufficient, well documented ‘miracle’ cures (including Ian Gawler, a vet and friend in Australia who recovered from advanced sarcoma minus a leg, and who now runs courses for people with cancer) to convince me that recovery is possible. The question is, is it possible in me? I feel like a 19th century scientist trying mushrooms and vapours on myself, to see if anything gives. At the same time I know the literature better than I’d like to, in the circumstances, and don’t want to live in denial of the fact that 99.999% of people in my situation die fairly quickly. So I’m learning to live in an uncomfortable, ambivalent space of knowing-not-knowing which is fascinating, humbling and maddening."

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