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Bazian's Swine Flu tracker tools

May 14th 2009


** Please note that we’re no longer updating the tools listed below. However you can still click on the links below to take you to the original "Google Docs" tools. Viewers should bear in mind that the data is no longer up-to-date and should not be relied upon anymore **


In these free tools you can manipulate the axes yourself to observe the global and regional patterns and trends since the outbreak began.

Click here to access Bazian's Global Swine Flu tracker tool. It is based on WHO data, updated three times a week at present.

Click here to access Bazian's Regional Swine Flu tracker for England. It is based on HPA data, updated daily.

You can manipulate the axes yourself and press the play button to see, track and predict patterns and curves across regions and countries. For the global tool, you can for example:

  • Compare the rates of increase in confirmed cases across countries (confirmed cases on Y axis, time on X axis and select the trails option for the countries of interest)
  • Compare the death rate (deaths on Y axis, time on X axis)
  • Look at differences in case fatality rates change between countries over time (deaths on Y axis, confirmed cases on X axis)
  • If you change the Y axis to a log scale this will allow you to assess differences in the 'doubling rate' between countries (the spread also gives a prettier picture!)

The regional tool allows you to:

  • Compare the cases across regions in England (confirmed cases on Y axis, time on X axis)
  • Compare the infection rate (based on regional population) over time and between regions (infection rate on Y axis, time on X axis)

Both tools allow for several additional "dimensions" as both size and colour of the blobs can be altered. On the global tool, for example, enter population size or case fatality rate for the size option.