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Celebrating BtH at the RCS

July 30th 2010

Yesterday we all enjoyed a little shindig at the Royal College of Surgeons to celebrate the continuing success of Behind the Headlines. Sir Bruce Keogh (Medical Director of the National Health Service in England) and Sir Muir Gray both spoke at the event and gave good entertainment to the throng. Given that this was a collection of journalists, charities, publishers, clinicians and researchers there was plenty of chatter and the event was a great opportunity to catch-up with one another and learn something about how various stakeholders in the production and supply of health and scientific information to the world see things from differing points of view.

The event was held in the fascinating Hunterian Museum (do go if you haven’t) set within the grand college buildings, and certainly the backdrop of the strange and wonderful exhibits of anatomy and curios offered an amusing and informative alternative to networking for the shy at heart. Apparently it holds one of a number of sets of Winston Churchill’s false teeth, and while we at Bazian were too busy chatting to go hunting for them, some of us certainly plan to re-visit the museum sometime soon to give more attention to the exhibits (and perhaps enquire whether they have any of that fruity white wine left over from last night…).