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EIU Healthcare publishes second VBH paper

March 14th 2014

A new white paper from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Healthcare arrives this week. The paper, Value-based Healthcare: the implications for pharma strategy, is the second in an ongoing series discussing the increasing relevance of value-based healthcare (VBH) to all parties involved in healthcare provision.

Following from January’s introductory paper, Value-based healthcare: the new normal, this latest paper focuses on how VBH will affect pharma companies and discusses the strategic responses available to the industry.

“This white paper discusses perspectives on what the concept of value—in all its aspects—means for the pharmaceutical industry, now and in the future,” says Bazian CEO and EIU Healthcare Managing Director Dr Vivek Muthu, who launched the paper at the 2014 Pharma Summit, held at The Dorchester hotel in London yesterday.

“Value-based health is here to stay,” said Dr Muthu upon the publication of January’s paper. “Those who ignore or fail to implement a value-based strategy do so at their peril. It requires a refocus, a mindset shift that begins with an acknowledgement that any action in healthcare must improve outcomes for the individual patient and also for the health system as a whole.”

Publication of a third paper in EIU Healthcare’s VBH series is planned this summer.

Value-based healthcare: the implications for pharma strategy can be downloaded here:

For more information on Value-based healthcare: the new normal, click here: