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First anniversary of working with NHS Evidence

May 14th 2012

A year ago we announced that we had won a tender to work with NICE as a content “Hub” for their online service NHS Evidence. It has been an exciting time to work on NHS Evidence, as it continues to evolve and develop in order to improve access to robust clinical and non-clinical evidence and examples of best practice. It’s a project close to our hearts; enabling and encouraging the use of reliable knowledge and empirical evidence to improve the quality and value of care.

Most of the work is done by our team of information specialists at Bazian, in partnership with information specialist colleagues at The King’s Fund, supported as necessary by our health research analysts and clinicians. The tasks and projects we deliver are based around the core skills of identifying, collecting, indexing and classifying content, systematic searching and critical appraisal. For example, over the last year:

  • In partnership with The King’s Fund, we have been tracking over 800 online sources to identify and add documents to NHS Evidence
  • We have done systematic searches, critical appraisal and project management for 16 Evidence Updates, and through this added numerous Evidence Uncertainties to DUETs
  • We have continued to work with NICE on Evidence Awareness products, and have summarised and critically appraised over 40 articles for inclusion in Eyes on Evidence.

It continues to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience working with our colleagues at NICE over this past year, and we’re looking forward to what promises to be a busy and creative year ahead.