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Four new Evidence Updates

March 30th 2012

Jointly produced by NICE and Bazian, Evidence Updates summarise selected new literature relating to existing NICE guidelines. In particular, Evidence Updates highlight any new evidence that might reinforce or generate future change to the practice described in the most recent, accredited guidance, and provide a commentary on the potential impact.. The four new Evidence Updates are as follows:

  • Alcohol-use disorders: physical complication, a potential practice change was identified regarding a possible link between reductions in recurrence of acute alcohol-related pancreatitis and regular interventions to promote abstinence from alcohol.
  • The evidence identified in the Transient loss of consciousness emphasised that detailed history taking was an important step in differentiating between cardiac and non-cardiac syncope.

But don’t take our word for it, click through a few and catch up yourself on some readable and informative commentaries on the latest studies.