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New case study: Water fluoridation in Southampton

March 9th 2009

South Central SHA conducted a public consultation process to explore fluoridating the drinking water in Southampton to reduce health inequalities and rates of decay.  During the consultation, members of the public were concerned about the findings of 20 research studies and a book, which they wanted the SHA to impartially assess and consider when making its decision about fluoridation.  The SHA needed these submissions analysed in under three weeks for the consultation process to run to schedule.  They turned to Bazian because we are rapid, methodologically transparent, and completely independent of the NHS (and therefore more impartial and uninvested than an internal group).

Professor John Newton, Director of Public Health for South Central SHA: “Bazian produced high quality reports within very tight time constraints and summarised their findings in a clear and concise manner.  Whether to fluoridate or not was a contentious issue, and the level of scrutiny on information published by the SHA was highly scrutinised both nationally and internationally.  Bazian’s independence from the SHA was important and their findings helped inform the Board paper on the scientific evidence of water fluoridation.  The important work they carried out will be shared nationally with other SHA’s who may be carrying out similar consultations in the future.”

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