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New Evidence Updates on…

May 21st 2012

The latest Evidence Updates published are Familial breast cancer, Improving outcomes in head and neck cancers, Delirium and Hypertension in pregnancy. Produced jointly by NICE and Bazian, one of the main functions of Evidence Updates is to highlight any new evidence that has the potential to reinforce or generate a future change to the practice described in the most recent accredited guidance.

Considerations for future guidance updates concerning care of women in specialist (secondary and tertiary) care have been raised in the Familial breast cancer Evidence Update. One of which concerns testing for genetic mutations, as this may be helpful in determining eligibility for MRI surveillance in women at high risk of breast cancer, but without confirmed family history of mutations.

The Head and neck cancer Evidence Update highlights a number of potential considerations for future guidance reviews. For example, new evidence suggests that open partial laryngectomy might be an effective, organ-sparing treatment alternative to total laryngectomy in people with early laryngeal carcinoma that recurs after radiotherapy.

A key message in the Delirium Evidence Update concerns use of the 10-item tool, PRE-DELIRIC (prediction of delirium in ICU patients), to assess the risk of patients in intensive care for developing delirium. A risk-assessment tool is not currently recommended, and so this may be a consideration for guidance reviews. 

Hypertension in pregnancy gives an overview of selected new evidence relevant to NICE clinical guideline 107 ‘The management of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy’ (2010). The newly identified evidence broadly confirms existing guidance.

More Evidence Updates are expected shortly, so watch this space. Or, if you haven’t already done so, join us on Twitter.