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NHS Choices “saves £44m a year”

June 23rd 2010

Bazian were delighted to learn that NHS Choices “saves £44m a year in unnecessary consultation”, according to an unpublished report for the Department of Health (as reported in the Health Service Journal). A survey of users of the website found that 37% of people who used the service before deciding to seek a GP consultation said that the website had decreased their use of GP services.

Here at Bazian we have a strong affinity for the NHS Choices website, as we are closely involved in a successful part of the site: Behind the Headlines. Every weekday we deliver to the NHS Choices team two evidence-based critiques of healthcare stories that appeared in the morning papers. After editing by the NHS Choices team, these analyses go up on the Choices site on the same day that the stories appear, and Choices users are invited to post comments about them. The analyses are written in an accessible style that is independent, scientifically robust and, where necessary, critical; helping the public, healthcare professionals and journalists alike to separate fact from spin and to stay informed about what these stories, and the underlying research, mean for our everyday lives.

Behind the Headlines is one of the most visited parts of NHS Choices and won the BMJ Group Awards for Best Innovation in Medical Communication.  You can learn more about our work in healthcare journalism and publishing here.

It’s great to hear that NHS Choices is making a real difference to how we all engage with our NHS, and we offer our congratulations to the team behind the site. We hope to continue to work with NHS Choices as it goes from strength to strength.