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Support for PCTs in NICE Appraisals

November 12th 2009



Why is this needed?
Challenges for PCTs - face multiple demands on limited resources, not least the pressure of delivering health services within tightening budgets combined with the rapid introduction of health technologies and interventions facilitated by Technology Appraisal Guidance.

Why should PCTs engage?
It is vitally important that PCTs start to be fully engaged in the development of NICE TAGs so that the needs of all stakeholders are reflected -including patients, clinicians, manufacturers, and PCT's as the commissioners of health care.

Our core service includes:

  • Provision of documents including training materials, guidance for PCTs, evidence synthesis reports and draft scopes
  • Specialist support for Appeals
  • Developing a proactive and positive relationship with NICE
  • Ensure PCT presence and contribution to NICE Appraisal Committees
  • Enable a flexible and rapid response to meet and enhance the individual requirements, capacity, and skills within PCTs

We will deliver a service, underpinned by academic rigour, which will help PCTs to be active and effective consultees whose contribution is respected and credible.

For further detail on the whole activity see link