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Value-based healthcare: the new normal

December 20th 2013

January 2014 sees the launch of a white paper from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), featuring major contributions from Bazian. The paper, Succeeding in a value-based environment: new business models to thrive in the future of healthcare, incorporates Bazian’s analysis as part of an investigation into the global trend towards value-based healthcare.  Following Bazian’s incorporation into the EIU in November 2012, the paper – which also features contributions from another EIU business, the Singapore-based healthcare market analysis firm Clearstate – will be published in January under the EIU Healthcare banner.

Reflecting an increase in demand for efficient, financially viable healthcare provision worldwide, the paper investigates pre-existing moves to provide better value healthcare, while also looking at possibilities for future innovation. Alongside a wider analysis of the issues discussed within the paper, Bazian also provides specific case studies assessing work that we have conducted over the past few years to help our own clients as they look to optimise services for patients in a tough financial environment.

While the case studies reflect our record of providing well-researched, evidence-based guidance and development for clients, the paper also sets out our vision for Bazian and EIU Healthcare, describing how we engage with insurers, payors, providers and industry to help deliver financially sustainable, high quality care.

“Value-based health is here to stay,” says Bazian CEO and EIU Healthcare Managing Director Dr Vivek Muthu. “Those who ignore or fail to implement a value-based strategy do so at their peril. It requires a refocus, a mindset shift that begins with an acknowledgement that any action in healthcare must improve outcomes for the individual patient and also for the health system as a whole.”

Copies of the paper can be reserved here: