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We are appsolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our first iPad app!

September 11th 2012

Designed for healthcare commissioners and medicines managers, the free Bazian Calculator app allows users to quickly estimate the overall cost impact of medicines examined by NICE.

The app visualises key data allowing you to estimate costs of one or more new medicines for your local population size.  It also provides summary information on each TA, including estimated numbers of people affected, costing assumptions and links to the relevant NICE documents.

It’s completely free, so don’t hesitate to download it today!

For more information about the app please click here. You can also tell us what you think about it by emailing your comments and suggestions to  

The app is currently available exclusively on iPad.

Please note: NICE has not endorsed, commissioned or funded the development of this app. This app has been independently built by Bazian to combine and summarise NICE’s publicly available cost and clinical impact data for technologies, with the aim of promoting use of these data for the purpose of NHS commissioning. Bazian has taken care to try to ensure that it has accurately reflected and summarised NICE’s estimates in the app. If you find any mistakes or omissions, please let us know, though please note that Bazian is not liable to any person relying on or using the app or its content for any purpose.