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Who will help GPs commission?

June 24th 2010

According to an editorial by Alastair McLellan in the HSJ, a third of senior health service managers think they will no longer work for the NHS in two years. At the same time, commissioning will be taken out of the hands of the PCTs and into those of the GP consortia currently being put together. The health secretary has said that the new GP consortia will be able to get support for their commissioning with what is left from the PCTs. However, if PCTs have lost their most experienced employees, then who will help the GPs in their new roles as commissioners?

At the risk of sounding biased, we can. Bazian has experience of working with commissioners on real world problems at national, regional and local levels. Being clinician-led and evidence-based means that we can provide commissioning support that will be credible, relevant and targeted to deliver better, more cost effective care. We know how the NHS works and we’re all big fans of it.

Who will help GPs? Well, you know where to find us.