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Engage clinicians

Changes to healthcare services in the NHS will only be successful if they include clinicians, and ideally are led by them.  If clinicians do not engage with and champion new initiatives and processes, they usually die on the vine.

Andrew Donald (Director of Redesign and Commissioning for Eastern and North Birmingham PCTs) says it well: “Frankly if it’s down to a manager to redesign pathways then we’ve missed the point.  It’s absolutely critical that we spend a lot of time getting clinicians engaged."  (From an HSJ webinar in October 2008.)

This is where evidence-based approaches become truly useful.

Being transparently evidence-based the best and quickest way to get clinicians to engage.  This is because evidence-based medicine is inherently focused on the thing clinicians are most interested in and motivated by: clinical outcomes.

Bazian helps our clients to commission in an evidence-based way from the outset, establishing links to outcomes and other key metrics from the start.  This focus on evidence and outcomes motivates clinical stakeholders to engage as they can trust that important decisions will be made 1) based on the evidence and not some other agenda, 2) with goal of improving outcomes in mind, and 3) in a transparently evidence-based way.

As one clinician at a recent commissioning-related meeting commented, “Having an independent group changed the dynamic of the meeting.  These sorts of meetings usually aren’t constructive, but focusing on the evidence made it go easier.”