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Bazian is one of a handful of organisations around the world that specialises in the application of evidence-based principles to commissioning and clinical decision-making. We tailor our approach to every clients’ needs, helping them address specific challenges as rapidly and effectively as possible.

Bazian delivers a range of services, from needs assessments, service designation guides and commissioning briefs, to health technology assessments and systematic reviews. We have helped our clients incorporate evidence-based analysis to deliver value-based healthcare and make a real difference to their population. In the past, our services have helped our clients to:

  • compare effectiveness and costs of competing drugs, devices, policies and services
  • identify drivers for cost, revenue and margin
  • assess need and demand for healthcare services
  • plan and configure services to inform commissioning and avoid redundant capacity
  • improve clinical outcomes, while managing costs
  • reduce unwanted variation by better clinical performance management
  • inform workforce planning, training and management
  • broker discussions with clinicians and other stakeholders


Example – Care Pathways

Care pathways are useful at the point of care, and they can reduce unwanted variation in practice and performance. But they can also be of great use to those responsible for the management and commissioning of healthcare services. Bazian’s best practice pathways can aide managers to identify which provider does what, what metrics they should be measured on, what developmental progression goals for efficiency should be put in place, and how to reward providers for measurable quality improvements.


Further details

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