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Map of Medicine



The Map of Medicine



The Map of Medicine is a collection of interactive care pathways made available to every doctor and nurse in England and Wales via NHS Connecting for Health. 


The problem

The Map of Medicine approached Bazian in 2005 because the NHS wanted the Map’s pathways to be systematically and transparently evidence-based. But they were not. Furthermore, there were not enough of them. The Map of Medicine needed new and revamped evidence-based pathways quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing clinical quality as every new pathway would need to be approved by the NHS and (where appropriate) the Royal Colleges.

The Map of Medicine turned to Bazian to make the product evidence-based.


Our solution

Bazian developed an innovative process for producing evidence-based pathways that was rapid and cost-effective but which did not compromise clinical quality. All processes were systematic and transparent, being fully auditable by any outside party. Bazian then ran the process to develop 400+ expert-reviewed, NHS-approved pathways over 2 years.


The outcome

A number of NHS organisations are reaping the rewards of using the Map of Medicine, as can be seen on their case studies page. Organisations benefit from lower healthcare delivery costs, improved clinical effectiveness and patient safety and an improved patient experience, such as reduced hospital admissions and lowered waiting times. Map of Medicine pathways are also at the heart of the Intel Health Guide, piloted by NHS Central Lancashire for patients with COPD, to develop care plans that are based on best practice and evidence.



“Bazian’s focus on the evidence, the quality of their processes, and the personal commitment of individual members of their team have been invaluable in meeting our urgent demand for accurate, high quality and clinically relevant information.”

Nat Billington, Managing Director of The Map of Medicine