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Bazian Calculator

What is the Bazian Calculator?

Did you know that for each NICE technology appraisal (TA) NICE also makes implementation tools? One of these tools estimates the cost impact of each TA on commissioning budgets.

Here at Bazian we’ve created a free app for iPad to help you use these data effectively when commissioning services and managing medicines for your population.

  • Select multiple TAs
  • View the individual and combined cost impact of implementing selected TAs
  • Instant graphic display of cost impacts
  • Customise the size of the population to reflect your local setting
  • View local estimate of population eligible for treatment
  • TAs searchable by name, number or keyword
  • Links to full NICE guidance and the underlying cost impact assumptions
So why not avoid scribbling on the back of that envelope and let the Bazian Calculator do the hard work for you? Make the Bazian Calculator your first stop in exploring the impact of NICE’s TAs.
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The Bazian Calculator currently contains information for TAs published from January 2008 to June 2012 inclusive.
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