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The cost impact figures represent NICE’s estimate of the net increase or decrease in annual expenditure resulting from implementation of the guidance in the first year of implementation.

For treatments that have not been recommended by NICE the cost impact is set at £0.00 and the costs avoided by people stopping these treatments have not been calculated. For treatments considered not to have a significant cost impact or change in NHS resources the cost impact is also set at £0.00. In rare instances NICE has not released cost impact data, in these cases the TA carries a tag of “no cost data” when selected from the TA list. TAs where the cost impact is £0.00, or where there is “no cost data” available, are not displayed on the cost impact graph to aid visual acuity.

Only first-year costs are given. If uptake or eligible population is expected to increase in subsequent years this is noted in the additional information. In some cases NICE has rounded the eligible population to the nearest person and the multiplier function uses the rounded figures calculated for a 100,000 population to generate a figure for the selected local population.