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Care pathways

Case studies: The Map of Medicine; Bupa Health Dialog Care Pathways

Bazian produces evidence-based care pathways that help commissioners and providers:

  • Place new technologies and services within clinically sound and robust pathways of care
  • Understand in detail - and in advance - the impact of new technologies and services on practice, including the implications both upstream and downstream
  • Have managers and clinicians reach agreement about practice and service delivery more quickly
  • Introduce new technologies and services more seamlessly
  • Make disinvestment decisions more judiciously
  • Establish benchmarks for measuring future performance
  • Identify areas where more effort will be needed in order to
  • successfully implement a new technology or service
  • Reduce unnecessary variation in the provision of healthcare

Bazian care pathways are used for:

  • Standardising practice, including benchmarking and performance evaluation
  • Complying with local and national governance
  • Operationalising NICE and SIGN guidance
  • Charting the impact of new technologies and services
  • Knowledge support
  • Saving time (debating what should be done and how to do it)


“Bazian’s focus on the evidence, the quality of their processes, and the personal commitment of individual members of their team have been invaluable in meeting our urgent demand for accurate, high quality and clinically relevant information.”
Nat Billington, Managing Director of The Map of Medicine