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Health technology assessments

Case study: CSAS (Commissioning Support Appraisals Service); Percutaneous aortic valve replacement

Bazian produces evidence-based assessments to help our clients make more informed purchasing decisions about new drugs, devices and services. We search regional and global databases to find all the research relevant to your purchase, filter it for quality, and then synthesise the reliable research into an aggregate evidence-based answer about what works, what doesn’t, and what the ramifications for you might be.

A fully completed assessment contains:

  • Plain language executive summary and conclusions
  • Description of the technology, its alternatives, and its role in the clinical pathway
  • Effectiveness and safety analyses of the technology compared with alternatives
  • Cost-effectiveness information
  • Critique of key claims cited by proponents and opponents of the technology
  • Summary of relevant clinical guidelines, including NICE, SIGN and Royal Colleges
  • Judgements including a policy recommendation if required

Bazian technology assessments are used for:

  • Examining drugs, devices, interventional procedures, diagnostics, service packages and clinical policies
  • Stress testing business cases for new drugs, devices, procedures and diagnostics
  • Forecasting the impact of emerging technologies
  • Clarifying NICE guidance and understanding its wider implications
  • Cost-effectively deploying NICE-mandated technologies and services
  • Developing policies for prioritising which patient groups receive high cost technologies and services
  • Resolving difficult or controversial policy debates


“Bazian’s analyses helped health authorities tackle difficult decisions about how to handle new treatments and high cost procedures. Their independence was an important feature, especially in areas where controversial decisions were liable to provoke appeal, or in some instances judicial review.”
Dr Bob Coates, Director of Public Health, Hampshire Isle of Wight PCT