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Bazian analyses medical research through transparent systematic review processes with a view to improving decision making about treatments or the way that health services are configured.

We help our clients by using robust evidence-based methods to identify:

  • what is the gold standard treatment strategy for any given condition
  • how to design services that can provide that gold standard treatment strategy, and
  • how best to monitor if the services are measuring up to that standard.

We do not just slice and dice data, leaving our clients to figure out what it means for them and how they should apply it. Rather, we work closely with our clients, developing analyses, interactive models, evidence reports and policies that engage and lead to change.

Bazian also develops interactive models and tools to enable clients to use global evidence and data in day to day practice, to support clinically sound, cost-effective healthcare planning, management and policy. Contact us for more details about what's in the pipeline.

See our bibliography for a (nearly) complete list of our reports and publications.


How does this work in practice?

We carry out a variety of work for a range of clients. For example, an NHS commissioner might come to us with a problem such as: “we don’t know whether or not to invest in a service providing the new percutaneous aortic valve replacement surgery”. We would undertake an assessment of the evidence for or against that technology, model the need for the technology in the commissioner’s population, forecast how that might change over time and make evidence-based recommendations that help the commissioner and their team make that decision.

We also write treatment pathways and algorithms that provide guidance on how best to treat patients with particular conditions; the best treatments are those that have demonstrated benefit in robust studies. These help doctors at the point of care and commissioners and managers who are setting up services or streamlining existing ones. We also, through our healthcare journalism, help everyone to better understand the science behind the latest news stories that tell you that coffee is good for you one day and bad for you the next...


Examples of services and case studies

We list below some descriptions and case studies of the type of services we are frequently asked to provide, ranging from health technology assessments and care pathway development, to service designation guides, commissioning briefs and daily healthcare journalism. For a (nearly) complete list of our reports and publications, see our bibliography.


Bespoke services

Much of our work is bespoke. If your work is related to the delivery or configuration of healthcare, and if your decision making can conceivably be improved by looking at the evidence – and most of the time it can be – then we are likely to be in a position to help. If you’re interested in knowing more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.