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Service designation guides

Case studies: Cleft lip and palate; Cystic fibrosis

Service designation guides are, essentially, tendering frameworks for commissioning healthcare services.  However, unlike many tendering frameworks, Bazian’s guides are derived from the global evidence base, relevant national policy, and local population and epidemiological data.

Bazian's service designation guides allow our clients to be confident they are designating, purchasing and monitoring services in a transparent, appropriate and evidence-based way.

Service designation guides allow commissioners to do the following all based on evidence:

  • Model demand now and into the future
  • Model costs
  • Engage with clinicians based on evidence, focusing on outcomes
  • Design the service – determine what it should look like, from workforce needs to buildings, equipment and organisational links
  • Establish provider selection criteria
  • Set quality standards for the service
  • Understand the relationship between the volume of patients seen and outcomes achieved
  • Establish the clinical and process outcomes required for monitoring providers over time

Bazian's guides facilitate clinically credible negotiation with providers to get better value for money and better outcomes.


"Bazian provided the national commissioning team with an analysis of policies used in various countries for the use of a set of very expensive drugs. [...] Bazian understood the brief very well and delivered an excellent report in both quality and relevance. Project updates were appropriate and to the point. Bazian services were of an excellent quality and I would be happy to make use of their services again"
Dr Edmund Jessop, Medical Advisor National Commissioning Group