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Bazian Tools

We at Bazian are developing a range of tools that we believe will make life easier for clinicians and commissioners.Please have a look and contact us if you have any comments you would like to discuss.

RRT Modelling Demo

Why is it needed?

Annual acceptance rates into programmes of renal replacement therapy (RRT) have increased significantly over the past decades and continue to rise. This Bazian tool allows a commissioner to view how to model future demand which is a complex activity.

What does it do?

The tool allows the user to estimate of the number of people likely to need RRT in the future according to provider unit and geographical areas in order to:

  • Map the geographical variation in need (age/sex and ethnicity)
  • Report on capacity and provision of dialysis services by provider and compare this to need
  • Quantitatively describe any pressures within the system
Who uses this?

Renal clinicians use the interactive model to plan capacity within their dialysis service and to assess the potential impact of service configuration changes to the flow of patients through the system. Commissioners use the model to allocate their budget within the RRT service.

The model acts as a common framework for shared decision making between commissioners and clinicians.